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Preparing For Your Session

Thank you for booking your session! 

Photographs are a timeless way to capture and remember your special horse. I am so excited to work with you and create special images of your equine partner. Please follow the tips below so that you are fully prepared for our session and we can make the most of our time together! Having a well groomed horse is essential to creating images you love. I can do a lot in photoshop, but it is no replacement for good turnout!

The Week Before

     In order to have the most seemless and enjoyable experience possible, there are a few things I suggest deciding and getting in order at least a week ahead of time!

1.) What you are going to wear

2.) Whether or not your will be braiding your horse- if you need to hire a braider

3.) Clipping your horse if needed

4.) Asking a friend to help you prepare for the session and be an extra hand during our time together- having someone to help you can be the difference between a fun and stressful day!

5.) Send me any poses you can't live without!

The Day Before

1.) I suggest bathing your horse the night before our session and keeping them in their stall if possible. It's essential that your horse is fully dry before our session, as there is no way for me to hide a wet coat!

2.) Clean and oil your tack

3.) Check in with me about session time- make sure to ask any questions you may have, or bring up anything you're nervous about. 

The Day Of

1.) Clean up any areas we may be shooting in. It's especially important for barn aisles to be swept if we have a black or white backdrop session.

2.) Have your tack ready to go and easily accesible for changing during the session

3.) Have your horse's favorite treats at the ready.

4.) Allow your horse plenty of time to rest and relax. Horses that have been groomed and spent the whole day at the wash rack are often ancy. 

5.) I recommend using Absorbine ShowSheen or Shapley's Hi Glow on your horse's coat/ mane/ tail for that extra super shine. You can also rub baby oil or vaseline on their muzzle and above their eyes for that extra pip of sine as well.

6.) Paint their toes! I suggest using Absorbine SuperShine Clear or Black- this will really take your horse's turnout to the next level. 

7.) Bring a rag and comb to tidy up any loose hairs and wipe up any missed dirt on their muzzle, ears, etc during the session.

8.) Make sure all white marking are shiny- stain removers are yoru friend

9.) Be ready to go 10 minutes before our session

10.) Don't forget to get yourself ready too! Leave yourself plenty of time to get ready after your horse, and have your outfit changes ready to go. 

11.) Relax and have fun! 

What To Wear

One of the most stressful parts of any photo session can be picking out what you want to wear. There are a number of things to consider, but the most important is that you feel comfortable and confident! While I'm all for going glam, I generally suggest sticking to your usual style for photos instead of trying out an all new look. You want to look and feel like you in your photos! Pinterest is your friend! There are endless mood boards and outfit ideas to use as inspiration for your own look! Riding attire always looks good! 

Make sure to wear shoes that are safe and comfortable. You need to be able to walk through fields, keep up with your horse/ etc. Lace up boots are always a good option!
Pick a color scheme that compliments your horse's coat color. I have a helpful guide below of common coat colors and what colors best go with them. You should wear solid colors, not patterns. Bold print and patterns are distracting and busy. Subtle patterns and designs are okay. 
Choose an outfit that compliments your body shape, rather than hiding it. Baggy clothes like sweaters often make your figure look more bulky than you may want. 
Hair and Makeup
Do a trial of your hair and makeup choices with your outfit(s) prior to the day of the photoshoot. Make sure that your makeup will hold up to sweat/ dirt/ etc at the location and it compliments your outfit ( for example, I don't suggest having a 100% glam makeup look if your outfit choice is a simple blouse and jeans, or having a natural look with a ballgown)

Color Guide


Paints + Pintos


Black and White goes well with any coat color
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